Tuesday, 20 February 2018

New Technology Replaces Running TV Ads With Educational Videos

EduTree replaces TV Ads with comprehensive K12 educational videos or other customized informative videos, saving kids from harmful effects of commercials while simultaneously educating them.

By Ratneshwar Thakur Published in The Hawk

Visuals are most powerful tools for long-term memory and learning. It makes complete sense as our brain mainly works as an image processor. A major part of our sensory cortex is devoted to vision. Interestingly, the portion of the brain which is involved in the processing of words is quite small in comparison to the part that processes visual images.

Researcher turned Edu-entrepreneur Mr. Vijay Kantharia- understood the importance of visuals watching and learning, especially through TV advertisements (Ads). He realized that TV Ads are wasting so much time, and strategically he came up with a brilliant idea- to replace the TV ads with educational videos, and have founded a startup with name Cerebroz EduTree.

On 11th of February 2018, CEREBROZ EDUTREE, Surat- has officially launched their unique device- EduTree at Gandhi Smruti Bhavan, Surat (Gujarat). This grand launching was attended by hundreds of curious parents, teachers, and students who were also offered a discount on the basic price of the device on pre-booking. Organizers say they have received a huge response from the public, and on launching day, they have pre-booking worth more than INR 5 Lacs.

EDUTREE- World's first TV Ad Replacer

EDUTREE device, which is first of its own kind, has many advanced features and it is very easy and user-friendly. This startup claims that EDUTREE is the World's first TV Ad Replacer, Converting an idiot box to a Genius box. EduTree replaces TV Ads with comprehensive K12 educational videos or other customized informative videos, saving kids from harmful effects of commercials while simultaneously educating them. EduTree can also be used as Wi-Fi router, and also eliminates the need of educational tablets.

Television is controlling our minds

“Television is controlling the brain of masses and specifically growing children. Kids are the great imitator. Whatever, we are watching and hearing that will stay in mind for the longest time or for last ever. With the same concept when TV ads will be replaced by educational content that will be inculcated in children’s mind easily. As children remember TV ads or Songs so easily without giving much effort, the same way they can memories customizable educational content. TV ads are not that much help for kids, and with this idea, this revolutionary product came into existence,” said Vijay Kantharia, Founder of Cerebroz EduTree starts up.

How EduTree works?

EduTree receives inputs from the set-top box directly into its specially designed Chip. An inbuilt sensitive system processes the signals and replaces TV ads with educational videos stored inside it. Ads are playing as it is on TV in the background that you can see in the PIP mode. After few seconds the PIP mode disappears from the screen which allows a complete view of strikingly conceptualized educational videos.

“With just the hovering of a mouse, PIP mode comes back alive giving you a peace of mind that you don’t miss any of your programs, but instead of repetitive ads you remember educational content,” said Vijay.

This unique device would not only help parents to control their child’s addiction of TV but other features like performance report would help to track the child’s activity like duration of watching TV and internet surfing etc. 

Story Source: www.cerebroz.com


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